The Future of Women in Technology & Innovation

Welcome to Women in Business Congress. The congress will be a unique event welcoming women from different countries where we will present our pillars ‘Technology & Innovation’, while shinning a light on the young talent and women’s empowerment initiatives. As well as, focusing on the evolution of women in Innovation & Technology.

The congress will bring together national and international speakers as well as knowledgeable and committed participants.

This congress is a must attend event for Corporate & Business Women, Entrepreneurs & Young Talent with an international view who are interested in defining the international business world. We aim at informing our attendees about the Latest Opportunities, Winning Strategies and Future Trends.









Business Format 

Women in Business Congress is introducing in collaboration with our partners a new congress format to improve your business.

The congress day is divided into 4 different sections, which give our attendees the ability to connect, collaborate and create new business opportunities.

Implementing the best format it is vital to any organization. This is why we are presenting the following 4 sections during Women in Business Congress.

Women Empowerment

The empowerment sessions will offer a wide vision on how to encourage women in Technology & Innovation and how to improve diversity and equality in these sectors by building awareness with an international focus.

The goal is to point out the importance of women in these sectors and how women led and owned companies are impacting the global economy.

Trends, Strategies & Tools

We will provide the attendees with important industry and sector information such as upcoming trends, emerging markets and the future of women in Technology & Innovation with the intention that our attendees will be able to obtain important and also useful tools ready to implement in their businesses.

As well as strategic sessions with valuable solutions on how to implement winning strategies in their businesses.

Business Wall

Our Business Wall is an innovative and dynamic format that offers our attendees the possibility to promote their business products and services as well as to find compatible partners by using the Event App.

Attendees will actively participate and post messages on the wall during the congress day, which includes their requirements.

Create & Grow

Throughout our Business Wall, our attendees will be able to network by using technology and connect in real time with one-another.

They will develop new ideas, new projects, that will be implement and/or launched while enriching each-other with their knowledge, skills experience and international background.

Benefits of Participation


Industry Trends Issues


Connect with other Business Women


Tech Innovations


Create and/or strengthen business relationships


Specific Companies Products


New Alliance incl. project


During the congress there are several excellent networking opportunities, our cocktail reception is to connect the attendees with one-another and discuss new ideas and possibilities for future cooperation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Business Match Application

Our Business Match Application connects our attendees before, during and after the congress.

Monitors any innovative-business relationships that emerge and facilitates active networking interaction between attendees and develop New Business Opportunities in collaboration with our Partners.

Interacting & Connecting

Learning from the experiences of successful leaders can help you not only avoid critical mistakes, but also make informed decisions to help your business grow.

During the congress the attendees can Interact & Connect with the Speakers, to learn and receive advice from the industry leaders.


Sit Down with the Partners

In extension to the congress during the congress days one-one sessions and round tables will be organize for the attendees, enabling them to connect with our partners for advice and support.

 Information regarding the sessions will be announced on our website.



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